Rat Race Reboot - with Laura Noel

Tapping into collective creativity with Dr. Brandi Derr

May 5, 2022

Dr. Brandi Derr is the Director of the Leadership PsyD program as well as Leadership

PsyD faculty. She is one of my professors in my Adaptive Leadership class and I’m

excited to have her on the show today.


We are introducing sociocracy, an idea of decision-making that ensures all people have a voice in the process. I think this is a great way to leverage the talents of others and get out of

the Rat Race. This is all about working Smarter not Harder.


What is it?

How Is It Used?

What are the benefits?


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Dr. Brandi Derr Bio –


She has previously served in the following roles: Director of Strategic Planning for

LGBTQ Boston Senior Housing Inc., Co-Campaign Manager for the Williams Boston

City Council District 4 Campaign, Director of Programs for Rogerson Communities,

Adult Day Health Programs, a non-profit providing medical modelled support to elders

and adults with disabilities, Director of Community Partnerships and Outreach for the

Institute for Black and African American Mental Health, Clinician for Pyramid Builders,

Inc., Director of Human Resources for Pathways Hospice, Program Director for

Community Resources for Justice, and Residential Director for Germaine Lawrence,


She holds a PsyD in Leadership Psychology from William James College, with a focus

on: Mentorship, Public Narrative and black, female leadership capacity-building. She

also holds an MEd in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Trauma Studies.

Dr. Derr's Statement of Inclusion: I engage my various roles at William James

College as a person who identifies as female, Black, queer, and Buddhist. I commit to

being mindful and empowering as a representative of these various communities, and

extend an open invitation to all students, faculty, and community members who I

encounter on our shared journey of learning. I take responsibility for creating a safe

container for all who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with me. As

an antiracist I will advocate for people who cannot advocate for themselves and be a

patient educator for those who struggle to engage inclusively.  I celebrate the wide and

varied gifts that each person brings and welcome them as a part of my own ongoing

growth by continually engaging reflective learning and action research. I eagerly seek

continued methods and ideologies to improve my communication, teaching and support

of all students and faculty members.

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