Rat Race Reboot - with Laura Noel

Are You Stuck in the Groan Zone?

April 28, 2022

How do you deal with conflict...either within yourself or with other?

Do you avoid, compromise or do you face it head-on allowing yourself to work through the



Stick with me for today’s episode where we’ll talk about this embracing and working through,

something that is referred to in dialogic interventions with groups, ’the groan zone’.


What is it? How can it help a team get unstuck? How can it help YOU get unstuck?


There are somethings that you can also do for yourself to help YOU get unstuck and it

ties back to using your mental faculties so you can see you challenge from another

point of view.

  1. Perception exercise
  2. What do I want? 5 whys
  3. Having someone mirror your idea and repeat it back (hear it in a different way)
  4. When faced with fear of making a decision: Facts and Opinions
  5. What’s the BEST that could happen and write it down
  6. How would your goal help other? The ripple effect
  7. Chasing squirrels; Bucket list

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