Rat Race Reboot - with Laura Noel

Celebrating  Rat Race Reboots  1st Birthday: Looking Back at Where It All Began

October 27, 2022
I don’t recommend living life looking in the rearview mirror; however, I do recommend and enjoy taking a brief look back to reflect and see where I’ve come from, celebrate the wins, look at the lessons learned and see the growth.
Sometimes when we are in the thick of things, we can't see the growth and impact of every single step. Keep going! You are closer than you think to your goal and vision.
This is where we started a year ago and it’s relevant now. Listen to reset your mind, reawaken your spirit and regain your control.


EPISODE 1 - Notes

Who Do You Think You Are? - Changing Your Mindset for Success

Welcome to Rat Race Reboot Episode 1, “You attract who you are, not what you want”. Today I am going to share 5 actionable steps to help you reset your mind and reawaken your spirit so you can regain your control and start living and giving like the person you want to be. I also “walk the walk” and share a little of my story and how following these steps completely changed my life.


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